Build Factory Apps Faster with ActyxOS Build Factory Apps Faster with ActyxOS

Build Factory Apps Faster with ActyxOS

The operating system for developing and running system-critical applications.

Build Factory Apps Faster with ActyxOS

Focus on Your Apps

ActyxOS is the complete toolkit for shop floor IT providers.
Developers can stay productive instead of losing time with designing UIs, engineering robust systems, or fire-fighting.

Integrations That Span Shop Floor to the Business IT

No hassle with interfaces.
Jumpstart your app development by turn-key integration with shop floor machinery and ERP systems using our connector apps.

"We are very pleased with ActyxOS as it allows us to build reliable factory apps faster using a solid programming model. This way we can serve more of our customers' requests for Industry 4.0."
Michael Porr
Senior Software Developer

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Learn more about our design choices in this talk of our CTO Roland Kuhn.

See What You Can Build with ActyxOS

Accelerate your software development and start building great apps on ActyxOS.

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Who are we?

Our mission:
Factory software made simple.

Actyx is a technology company that builds the software infrastructure for factories. Developers use ActyxOS to design, develop, and manage modern factory apps, better.

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