We are cooperating with a group of industrial pioneers to realize the digital future of manufacturing.

We assist leading European manufacturers in their transition into the digital age. Following a cooperative approach, we not only help our partners understand the impact of digitalization on their business, but also support them in exploiting the disruptive nature of digital technologies.

Actyx provides key elements necessary for a successful realization of and transition to the manufacturing of the future

We bring together the scientists, engineers and thought-leaders who developed the digital technologies underlying the manufacturing of the future. Our people don’t take lessons; they teach courses. Our people haven’t just heard about big-data; it’s their daily-business. Our people don’t usually work in manufacturing; they do now!

Our approach toward cooperation is based on the requirements of a rapidly changing world, yet also takes into account the realities of real-world manufacturing. We don’t develop ivory-towers solutions in laboratories; we work with real people, we develop on the shop-floor, we believe in demonstrated value.

We are not consultants with a business models based on hours-billed, but develop and sell ground-breaking technology and products. Our success depends entirely on creating value for your business and your people. We don’t rest until you are happy.

Our approach is based on the requirements of a rapidly changing world, yet takes into account the realities of real-world manufacturing. We realize valuable industrial internet applications iteratively, openly and collaboratively

Industrial testbeds
Our testbeds are real-world manufacturing sites owned and operated by our manufacturing partners.

Phase 1: Development
Applications are developed for and validated in specific initial testbeds.

Phase 2: Standardization
Applications initially developed for a specific testbed, are deployed to other testbeds for standardization.

Phase 3: Integration
Applications are integrated to increase interoperability, facilitate data-exchange and ultimately further enhance their value.

Phase 4: Roll-out
Integrated applications are rolled-out to all manufacturing sites in our partner network: a first step toward the new paradigm.

“If you went to bed last night as an industrial company, you're going to wake up today as a software and analytics company”

Jeff Immelt, Chairman and CEO of GE

Are you a European manufacturer? Then let's start a conversation and discuss how you can profit from joining our collaboration and taking the first steps toward the manufacturing of the future

If you are a privately-held and European manufacturer with 150-15000 employees, discrete production processes, and a drive to innovate, we would like to start a conversation.

A cooperation with Actyx, and within our partner network, can benefit you both in the short- and long-term. Together we will discuss the implications of digital transformation for your business and your employees, develop industrial internet applications, and take a first step toward the future of manufacturing.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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