All-Inclusive: Factory software without headaches

A new quality of service for factory software. From day-1.


  • Actyx supports you from the first ideas or challenges until your well crafted concept.
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  • Actyx takes responsibility and care of all necessary steps to arrive at your running solution.
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  • Actyx monitors and operates software and hardware 24x7. You focus on your core business.
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Just what you need

Instead of trying to implement enormous, complex systems, we aim to provide you with a solution as simple as possible.

Weeks, not months

Through a modern architecture and high levels of automation Actyx has reduced the time necessary for configuring and installing complex systems to a minimum.

Sleep well at night

Our full-service approach brings your complexity to a minimum. Let us worry about performance and security.

No additional cost

We offer these services as part of your Actyx solution. Why? Because we want to make money when you are profiting from our products and not a second earlier.

Traditional IT-projects

Long, uncertain and risky

Expensive customization

Lack of internal IT resources

Full of hidden costs

And more pain...

All-Inclusive Package

Free consulting, no customization

Installed and running within 8 weeks

Transparent subscription price

You only pay once it's installed and runs

Fully-managed software & hardware

Only pay after successful installation.

Step into the digital era. Risk-free.

We are fast.

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