Solution Conception

The concept is the root of every solution. Let us support you.

A concept that tackles your most pressing challenges. All-inclusive.

Within the All-Inclusive Package, Actyx accompanies and supports you from the first ideas or challenges, until your well crafted concept.

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The concept phase includes the following services

Requirements analysis

Challenges and processes are tracked, as well as your factory’s IT- and machine landscape.

Solution design

With industry best-practices and proven components, we design a solution for your needs and requirements.

Interface specification

Standard interfaces and APIs will be specified in utmost detail, to ensure that we will cover your requirements.

Project management

Responsibilities, resources and timelines are managed by Actyx in a close loop with you.

Travels to you

We visit you. Often. This ensures, that we get to know you best and proceed determined.

Unsure how to start your digitization journey?

Let us help you, by understanding your situation and challenges to develop a valuable concept.

Traditional IT-projects

Long, uncertain and risky

Expensive customization

Lack of internal IT resources

Full of hidden costs

And more pain...

All-Inclusive Package

Free consulting, no customization

Installed and running within 8 weeks

Transparent subscription price

You only pay once it's installed and runs

Fully-managed software & hardware

Step into the digital era. Risk-free.

Only pay after successful installation.

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