Solution Installation

The All-Inclusive Package makes the installation phase a painfree fast-track to value.

An installation that brings value fast. All-inclusive.

Actyx takes responsibility and care of all necessary steps to arrive at your running solution that will actually solve your problems.

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The solution installation includes the following services:


Hardware and software components are configured and provisioned according to the concept. They are seamlessly connected to the existing IT- and machine landscape.

On-site assembly

We prepare the on-site assembly; necessary parts, no matter if screw or accessories, are provided. Your workers just need to attach the plug-and-play solution.


Accompanied by detailed testing we individually startup every single component and finally put the whole system into operation. Hardware and software will interplay faultlessly.

Employee trainings

The solution only adds value, if it’s used correctly. To achieve this, your employees need to be trained. We have contingents to support you on-site each year for several days.


Customized for your solution, intuitive and always accessible documentation for your users and administrators will be provided upon installation.

Travels to you

Also during the installation, we will visit you. Often. We will work hand-in-hand with your staff and arising expenses for traveling or accommodation are always covered by us.

Unsure how to start your digitization journey?

Let us help you, by understanding your situation and challenges to develop a valuable concept.

Traditional IT-projects

Long, uncertain and risky

Expensive customization

Lack of internal IT resources

Full of hidden costs

And more pain...

All-Inclusive Package

Free consulting, no customization

Installed and running within 8 weeks

Transparent subscription price

You only pay once it's installed and runs

Fully-managed software & hardware

Step into the digital era. Risk-free.

Only pay after successful installation.

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