Actyx Ada Architecture

A next-generation application platform that makes industrial software easy.


Reliably and securely running mission-critical industrial applications has long been associated with significant IT complexity.

The Actyx Ada platform eliminates this complexity whilst increasing reliability and security. This is achieved through a highly innovative hybrid cloud/edge architecture.


Low Complexity

Forget managing databases or server farms. Profit from an extremely low complexity system that allows you to concentrate on your value-add business.

High Reliability

Become confident in your mission-critical applications. Allow your employees to concentrate on value-add work instead of fighting slow and unreliable software systems.


Find solutions for today’s problems, knowing that you will also be able to solve tomorrow’s. Leverage a modular architecture that will simply grow with your business.

Interested in understanding how you could reduce IT-complexity?


Edge Runtime

Applications or integrations run on edge-devices in your local area network. Whether tablet computers, barcode scanners or virtual machines, these edge-devices safely and reliably run in the safety of your factory.

Cloud Infrastructure

Non-mission critical applications and integrations run on a state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure. Leverage cloud scalability whilst storing and processing data safely in your Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).

Fully-Managed System

Focus on leveraging value-creating applications by letting the platform manage all system components, whether tablet computers on the edge, or analytics databases in the cloud.

Seamless Logistics

No longer worry about critical security patches or risk long and dangerous IT-projects. Remain safe and continuously innovate through seamless software logistics for installation and system operation.

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