Actyx Ada Data Privacy & Security

An application platform designed to keep you up-and-running and your data safe.


Fine-Grained Control

The Actyx Ada edge/cloud architecture provides fine-grained control over where your data or your customers’ data is stored and processed–on the edge in your local area network or in the cloud.

A Holistic Philisophy

Actyx follows a set of data privacy and security principles ensuring a holistic approach toward ensuring the key security guarantees of confidentiality, integrity and availability are upheld.

Constant Risk Mitigation

Seven core privacy and security risks are continuously evaluated and considered throughout the lifecycle of Actyx products. Clearly defined strategies are designed to mitigate them.

Defence in Depth

State-of-art security technology is woven into all Actyx products at the physical, hardware, software and transport levels. Combined with your expertise, this aims to ensure defence in depth.


In order to provide fine-grained control over your and your customers’ data, Actyx defines four core data classes. Any datapoint or dataset is clearly labeled and dealt with according to its class.

Edge-Only Data

  • Data always remains in your factory.

Cloud-Only Data

  • Data always remains in the cloud.

Cloud-Edge Data

  • Data is shared between edge and cloud.

Operations Data

  • Data shared with management tools.

For more details see the Actyx Data Privacy & Security Whitepaper.


The combination of our and your security technology and processes allows us to implement a Defence in Depth approach. The entire system is designed to be secure at all levels.

Physical Security

Data centres, network equipment, hardware devices and more are protected agains theft, destruction and tampering through site security, access control and monitoring.

Hardware Security

Hardware devices such as mobile tablet computers are secured through AES encryption of all customer data. Virtual machines in the data center through the virtualisation system.

Software Security

The security of software running on devices, in data centres or in cloud infrastructure is based on a stringent peer-review, application of security patches and automated deployments.

Transport Security

Data in transit, whether on the edge, in the cloud or in between, is secured through state-of-the-art SSL/TLSv1.2 encryption. No network is considered secure.


Data and application usage and access is tracked by metadata. This allows for continuous threat and anomaly detection. State-of-the-art software provides means for reacting quickly.

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