Actyx Digital Quality Inspections

Efficient, accurate quality inspections through smart and connected forms.


Digital Quality Inspections is an application that enhances productivity and accuracy during quality inspections. Inspections are completed through intuitive digital forms. Actuals are compared to targets. Measurement values are automatically collected from compatible equipment.


Improve quality

Ensure that inspections are performed in an accurate and timely manner so as to identify issues quickly. Leverage this for positive quality results across your entire value-chain.

Increase productivity

Reduce non-value-add time spent through error-prone manual data entry and target/actual comparisons with smart forms and connected inspection equipment.

Profit from data

Leverage the generated quality data to quickly respond to customer claims, identify root-causes and design continuous improvement initiatives.

Interested in running Actyx Manual Work Logging in your operations?


Runs on Actyx terminals

Simply install the application on any Actyx workstation terminal and provide easy access right at the workstation.

Fill out smart intuitive forms

Perform inspections guided by an interactive digital form. Manually or automatically entered values are immediately compared to targets.

Connected inspection equipment

Connect your inspection equipment to the Actyx terminal for automatic transfer of measurement results into the inspection form.

Time- or quantity-based triggers

Configure automatic triggering of inspections based on process time or output quantity for consistent in-process quality assurance.

Form generation from ERP or Excel

Create and update your inspection plans in a compatible ERP or with Excel for a seamless and instantaneous form generation.


Quickly respond to an important customer's claim

Empower your customer service team with access to high-quality data. Identify root-causes and implications of quality problems within minutes or hours instead of days. Provide your customer with accurate data allowing him to identify possible contingencies. The result: never repeating the mistake and, most importantly, a happier customer.

Adjust an inspection protocol with the click of a button

Inspections protocols must continuously be adjusted and fine-tuned. Leverage digital inspections to implement such changes at the click of a button. Simply update the associated ERP record or Excel file and know that the changes will be reflected as soon as the next inspection process is started.

Only pay after successful installation!

Step into the digital era. Risk-free. With the Actyx All-Inclusive Package.

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