Actyx Digital Workbook

Help your people consistently deliver and exceed expectations.


Digital Workbook is an application that provides your workers with relevant operational documentation. Instructions, drawings, videos, 3D models and other forms of information are easily available and always up to date with instant file-server/DMS sync.


Simple change management

Update information at the click of a button by overwriting a file. All the while know that your people have the latest document and media file revisions.

Increased process flexibility

Flexibily react to customer demand by confidently implementing new SOPs or by providing temporary workers with necessary data and information.

Efficient employee training

Leverage intuitive media such as photos and videos to easily bring new employees up to speed and deepen your experienced peoples’ skills.

Interested in running Actyx Digital Workbook in your operations?


Runs on workstation terminals

Simply install the application on any Actyx workstation terminal and provide easy access right at the workplace.

Consume documents and rich media

Access simple PDF documents or rich media such as images, videos or 3D models at the touch of a button.

Easily find and access

Have relevant documents and media offered to you based on where you are working and what you are working on.

Be notified of changes

Updated documents and media files are highlighted as such, ensuring that you are always working with up-to-date information.

Real-time synchronization

Stay in control of your files and documents, whilst profiting from a real-time synchronization with your fileserver or DMS.


Confidently react to and learn from a customer claim

Reacting and learning are key to minimizing fall-out and not repeating mistakes. Leverage the ability to change SOP documentation on the fly to correct setpoint-parameters or quality assurance processes as soon as you receive customer claims. This ensures that you not only make your customer happy again, but also continuously improve your processes.

Rapidly bring a new production line or machine up to speed

Create a set of training videos and SOP documents for the newly installed production line or machine. Provide digital access to this information at the right place and time. This lets your workers rapidly learn how to successfully configure, run and maintain the asset. The result: a shorter ramp-up time, more revenue and a quicker positive ROI.

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