Actyx Machine Data Collection

Collect machine data to track performance and develop insights.


Machine Data Collection is an application that connects to your machines and sensors to generate real-time operations data. This allows you to track asset uptime, error conditions and enhance manually collected data.


Eliminate downtime

Quickly react to interruptions to bring machines back up to performance. Learn from the past and continuously improve with new processes and training.

Reduce lead times

Produce faster and more efficiently through reduced downtime and continuous improvement based on accurate high-quality data.

Collect valuable data

Generate highly accurate asset performance and output data for reporting and analytics to develop valuable actionable insights.

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Runs on industrial gateways

Install an Actyx Industrial Gateway and connect to your asset via common protocols such as OPC UA, EUROMAP or Digital I/O.

Real-time data translation

Machine data is translated into meaningful business data according to the process and the outputs supported by the asset.

Log events and quantities

Log which state your asset was in and when. Track output quantity counters to understand what is being produced at which speed.

Quickly react to events

Get notified about downtime and other events to react quickly. Fight bottlenecks by bringing critical assets up to speed as rapidly as possible.

Enable data analysis

Send generated output and performance data to Actyx analytics applications to discover optimization potential and benchmark.


Immediately react to machine and process interruptions

As soon as a machine or process is interrupted supervisors are alerted via SMS or e-mail. The supervisor and his people can then immediately identify root-causes and implement counter-measures. Your machines and processes are back and running in no time and are generating revenue for your business.

Improve OEE through data-driven continuous improvement

Leverage highly accurate utilization of data for calculating OEE and deciding where to focus your continuous improvement efforts. Identify, for example, whether setups times or unexpected downtimes are more revelant in your case. Once you have implemented measures you can track the benefit as OEE improves over time.

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