Actyx Manual Work Logging

Understand exactly what your people are doing when they are doing it.


Manual Work Logging is an application that generates real-time data about your operations through manual event and output logging. The result is 360° transparency over operations and assets, and employees not wasting time on paper data-entry.


Paperless production

Manage your operations without paper and communicate at the click of a button. This increases flexibility, enhances process stability and reduces overheads.

Reduced lead time

Quickly react to interruptions to bring machines back up to performance. Learn from the past and continuously improve with new processes and training.

Higher process flexibility

Maximize your asset potential by adjusting orders and processes at the click of a button. Use this to increase competitiveness and agility.

Interested in running Actyx Manual Work Logging in your operations?


Runs on workstation terminals

Simply install the application on any Actyx workstation terminal and enable real-time reporting and reduce walking.

Report on order status

Easily select the order being worked on from a prioritized list and report on start, end, pauses and interruptions.

Log output quantities

Log which materials have been consumed and produced. Report in detail on scrap and its reasons.

Plausibility checks

Combined with Actyx Machine Data Collection entered data can be checked for plausibility to increase data quality and accuracy.

Enable data analysis

Send generated output and performance data to Actyx analytics applications to discover optimization potential and benchmark.


Find out what your products actually cost you

Access generated data right in your ERP. Leverage this data with final-costing tools to find out exactly where you invested your people’s and your asset’s time. Based on this you can analyse profitability and even adjust your own pricing.

Become a Muda-Ninja: find waste at the click of a button

Operators can report start, pause and stop of the setup process through the click of a button. Setup times are automatically tracked and exported to relevant IT system such as the ERP. The data can also be accessed using third party Business Intelligence tools to gain insights on setup performance.

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