Log production data. Made simple.

Empower your workers to be more productive through simple logging processes and real-time communication.

Work logging, without worries about worker acceptance, project duration or hidden costs

Increase the productive times of your workers

Recording all times and quantities has never been so efficient

  • Time logging per activity and worker
  • Track yield and scrap
  • Logging of interruption times and reasons

Simplicity of use, optimized for the user

  • Simple log-in and log-out at stations via RFID cards
  • Parallel work on several activities and stations
  • Description texts and checklists imported from the ERP system

Create value fast

Workers focus 100% on value creation and productivity increases from day 1.

Continuous improvement

Accurate data collection makes root cause analysis of performance issues easy.

Proven in practice

Rely on Actyx apps, proven and continuously improved in practice with a large number of customers.

Configure your solution per workstation

Learn more about the Actyx MWL application

All details about functionalities, configuration possibilities and requirements.

Use cases to increase worker productivity

Use case:

Frequent downtimes due to faulty material, long distances to material procurement and dedicated logistics personnel.


In the MWL app, missing material is requested, optionally with attached photo or comment. The MTC app notifies relevant personnel by email.

Used apps:

Use case:

Operational data on paper orders, high effort to determine order status and critical delivery time requirements.


Order progress can be seen directly in the ERP or BI system via an Actyx connector. Late orders are prioritized via the AMG app and are communicated to the MWL app.

Used apps:

Use case:

Group leader releases daily worklist, operator works independently on processes, possibly several at the same time


Group leaders set daily goals with the AMG app and send them to the workers’ MWL app. Progress to target (yield, etc.) is displayed in real time on the performance dashboards.

Used apps:

We profit, when you profit

The risk is on us. We invoice success, instead of IT-projects.

Full operation of all components

as well as installation and proactive support, so you don’t need to burden your IT.

Extensive standard solutions

including ERP interface, project management, training and hardware

No hidden costs

A yearly price gives you full flexibility and forces us to make you succeed.


Any open questions?

Of course. The most important information at a glance on the PDF data sheet. You can find the data sheet here.

Learn in the webinar with Actyx CEO Oliver Stollmann how to set up the business case for your industry 4.0 idea. You can find the webinar here: Successfully explain Industry 4.0

No, our solutions always require an ERP interface. The reason is simple: We want you to benefit maximally and for your workers to think of the solution as more helpful than paper. Without an ERP interface, a solution would be slower, less accurate and, if necessary, just another parallel system. Our solutions are designed to make your ERP more powerful. Learn more about our interfaces: ERP connectors.

Actyx supports various hardware devices proven in industrial practice and expands the hardware portfolio at regular intervals. The solution design requires hardware from the portfolio. You cannot use your own hardware, otherwise we will not be able to ensure smooth operation. We also want to reduce the complexity and investment costs for you as much as possible. You can view our hardware selection here: supported hardware.

We’re not going to charge you for a single man day. From your side, we need minimal resources to coordinate processes or data models. An installation of an Actyx solution, including the implementation of the interface, takes up to 8 weeks. To learn more about timeline or resource requirements, contact us.

Thanks to modern technology, we can always monitor the health of all components of your installation and incorporate configuration and software adjustments. The Actyx software is standardized across all installations. This means that all customers receive coordinated updates and benefit from further developments of the apps.

No. The technology architecture is decentralized, that is, all components communicate directly with each other in a peer-to-peer fashion. There is no classic Client/Server architecture or dependencies of central components. This significantly increases robustness in terms of outages and performance.
This means that if the Internet goes down, the solution will continue reliably, we will only not be able to add any updates.

Of course, we have 24×7 support. If you are an Actyx customer, you can find the support here: support.actyx.io

Generally, we do not start any solution installation if we cannot estimate ROI after less than 6 months. For us, it is important for you to benefit starting on Day-1. CIP should be seen as an indirect, added value for future improvements. If you have more questions about our success delivery model, contact us.

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