Actyx Material Labelling

Easily label material for simple real-time identification and tracking.


Material Labelling is an application that allows you to uniquely label material. Incoming materials can be automatically associated with ERP-managed incoming goods. Raw materials, SKUs, tools or mobile assets becomes easy to identify for humans or machines via Data Matrix codes.


Reduce labelling mistakes

Reduce mistakes in the creation of labels through data synchronization with ERP as well as an intuitive and simple interface.

Increase logistics productivity

Increase the productivity of your workers through simple creation, management and reprinting of labels.

Transparency over inventory

Increase transparency over your inventory and material items with quick and easy search and overview functions.

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Runs on a PC workstation

Install the application on any workstation PC and reliably use the offline-capable web application with any compatible browser.

Overview of inventory

Get an up-to-date overview over your inventory for every single material item and leverage the easy search functionality.

Smart label generation

Intelligently generate labels for one or more SKUs according to expected total quantities and the number of individual pallets or containers.

Integration with label printer

Easily print labels including Data Matrix codes at the click of a button on any connected and CUPS-compatible label printer.

Data import from ERP

Through a near real-time integration with your ERP, labels for expected incoming goods are easily and accurately generated.


Rapid labelling of incoming goods

Materials can be labeled directly upon receipt by printing out labels. To do so, materials have to be accounted for in your ERP. When done, the label can be printed in a few clicks with the application. After equipping the material with the label, it’s movement can be tracked and managed using the Actyx Material Movement Logging application.

Reprinting of missing labels

Lost or unreadable labels can easily be reprinted through the application using the material number or location. Current inventory for the location or all items of the given material number are displayed and labels can easily be created for the relevant items in a few clicks.

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