Actyx Material Movement Logging

Easily track your material/SKU movements with real-time ERP integration.


Material Movement Logging is an application that enables accurate and simple logging of material movements in your warehouse or production. Increase transparency over your stock and enable easier processes for your workers through an intuitive application.


Increased productivity

Productivity of logistics personnel is increased as movements and quantity changes logging takes seconds and not minutes.

Eliminate downtime or late deliveries

Inventory data is always accurate, ensuring that production doesn’t stand still or deliveries are late because necessary material was unexpectedly missing.

Interested in running Actyx Material Movement Logging in your operations?


Runs on mobile scanners

Install and use on the Actyx MS4 Industrial Scanner. These are handheld and can be used in the warehouse or on the shop-floor.

Log material movements

Simply scan 1D/2D barcodes of material SKUs and warehouse locations to log a material movement in near real-time.

Log quantity changes

Easily log quantity changes, directly in the Material Movement Logging application on the mobile scanner.

Access movement logs and inventory

Access historical movement logs as well as current inventory for material types via the mobile application.

Synchronized with your ERP

Stock movement as well as up-to-date inventory are synchronized in near real-time through a two-way integration with your ERP system.


Quickly find an urgently needed SKU

Quickly look for and find the needed SKU through a mobile search. This way, your logistics workers can deliver the needed material to their co-workers on the shop floor quickly and reliably. Downtimes due to missing material are consequently reduced.

Synchronize logistics and production

Thanks to reduced complexity in material movements and an increased quality of inventory data, you are able to better synchronize the logistics and production departments. Identify upcoming material shortage to prevent downtime and increase lead time accuracy for all machines.

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