Actyx Microsoft File Server Integration

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Microsoft Fileserver is an integration that synchronises data and documents between your local fileserver and Actyx Applications. This provides a versatile and simple way for leveraging your existing master and transaction data within Actyx solutions.

This app is not released yet and still in development phase.

Apply as development partner for the product release in Q3 2019 and profit from exclusive benefits!


Seamless synchronization

Be confident, knowing that applications are always accessing up-to-date documents and files, be it for processing or user-access.

Easy installation

The pre-configured integration, running on a pre-built Virtual Machine, reduces the effort and risk usually associated with installations.

Carefree operation

Profit from peace-of-mind, knowing that the performance, reliability and security of your integration is continuously being monitored.

Looking to integrate with Microsoft File Server?


Runs on an Actyx Virtual Machine

The integration runs on a pre-configured Actyx Virtual Machine deployed in your local data center’s virtualization environment.

Import of documents and files

PDF documents, Excel sheets, videos or 3D-models are automatically imported and almost immediately available for use in Actyx Applications.

Administration through folder structure

Enhance your files and documents through the folder structure. Leverage this to map data to specific workstations, SOPs or situations.

Data interpretation

Let Actyx Applications interpret data inside the files for an easy-to-use configuration and population of user-interfaces or equipment interactions.

Continuous monitoring

The integration is continuously monitored in terms of access, usage and performance. This is designed to ensure reliability, data privacy and security.

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