Actyx Microsoft Power BI Integration

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Microsoft Power BI Integration is an integration that pushes data generated by Actyx applications and the Actyx Ada Platform to Microsoft’s leading Business Intelligence Tool in real-time. It thus provides an ideal basis for reporting and analytics.

This app is not released yet and still in development phase.

Apply as development partner for the product release in Q3 2019 and profit from exclusive benefits!


Real-time data push

Have your valuable data pushed to Power BI in near real-time for accurate and timely decision making.

Easy installation

The pre-configured integration runs on the Actyx Cloud Infrastructure for an easy installation and continuous monitoring.

Carefree operation

Profit from peace-of-mind, knowing that the performance, reliability and security of your integration is continuously being monitored.

Looking to integrate with Microsoft Power BI?


Runs on Actyx Cloud Infrastructure

The pre-configured integration runs on the highly scalable and secure Actyx Cloud Infrastructure.

Real-Time data push

Actyx application and platform data is pushed to data store underlying Power BI in near real-time.

Configurable Azure data store

The integration is configured to push to a Power BI compatible data store running on the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Continuous monitoring

The integration is continuously monitored in terms of access, usage and performance. This is designed to ensure reliability, data privacy and security.

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