Actyx Mobile Team Collaboration

Foster communication for great collaboration in teams and between departments.


Mobile Team Collaboration is an application that enhances collaboration in your team. It allows you to have relevant personnel informed as soon as asset or process status changes. Think missing materials or machine interruptions. Notifications can be e-mails, SMS or phone calls.


Effective coordination

Accelerate the flow of information within teams or between departments. This allows your people to effectively coordinate between themselves.

Reduce downtime

Reduce downtime by ensuring that relevant people are immediately notified of interruptions. This ensures that your assets are back up and running as quickly as possible.

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Runs on Actyx terminal or gateway

Install the application on an Actyx terminal or gateway and access that device’s real-time event stream for triggering notifications.

Event or threshold triggers

Implement notifications that are triggered when certain automatic or manual events occur or when values exceed thresholds.

Manual notifications on terminals

Allow your people to manually notify co-workers with on-off notifications. Recipient and content are manually entered right at the workstation.

Notifications as events

Access notifications in real-time in other Actyx applications. Leverage this for visual communication or event analytics.


Always feed the bottleneck machine with necessary material

Missing materials or late delieveries are common causes for machine downtime. When this happens at bottlenecks the consequences can be significant. Avoid this by implementing automatically or manually triggered notifications to your internal logistics. The magazine is almost empty? The forklift driver receives a message and can react accordingly.

Coordinate a relevant repair team when tools break

Tools break. What is important is quickly assessing the damage and reacting accordingly. Provide your machine operators with the ability to trigger notifications in such cases. Let them assess the damage, decide on who to inform and proactively report on the situation. Relevant personnel can quickly react with a well prepared and coordinated response.

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