Actyx OPC UA Integration

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OPC UA Integration is an integration that exchange data between your industrial equipment and Actyx Applications using the OPC UA protocol. This provides a versatile and simple way for leveraging your asset data within Actyx solutions.

This app is not released yet and still in development phase.

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Real-time data exchange

Be confident in your people and your applications, knowing that they are working with up-to-date, accurate real-time data.

Easy installation

The Actyx OPC UA integration can easily be configured to your specific industrial asset using the Actyx graphical data mapper.

Carefree operation

Rest easy, knowing that the performance, reliability and security of your integration is continuously being monitored.

Looking to integrate using OPC UA?


Runs on an Actyx X10 Industrial Gateway

The integration runs on an Actyx X10 Industrial Gateway installed as part of your Actyx Solution.

Real-time data exchange

Performance and configuration data is exchanged between your machine or asset and relevant Actyx applications in near real-time.

Data translation

Exchanged data is continuously translated from and to each respective system’s data schemas for seamless integration.

Continuous monitoring

The integration is continuously monitored in terms of access, usage and performance. This is designed to ensure reliability, data privacy and security.

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