Actyx Reporting & Analytics

Dive deep into your operational data to develop actionable insights.

Reporting and Analytics for light repair and maintenance


Reporting and Analytics is an application for reporting and analysis of operational data generated or collected by other applications. It allows you to exploit valuable data for improving processes, identifying optimization potential or evaluating improvement measures.


Improve operational efficiency

Track and analyse performance and output data to continuously identify and fight bottlenecks, and achieve high asset utilization (OEE).

Stay in the loop from anywhere

Access up-to-date data about your operations on any device and from wherever you may be. Leverage this to stay in the loop and collaborate remotely.

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Real-time data push

Have data collected in/generated by other Actyx applications pushed to appealing pre-built aggregated or raw data reports.

Access on desktop or mobile

Easily consume up-to-date reports in your browser on your workstation PC, on your tablet or on your mobile phone when on-the-go.

Easily filter and drill-down

Explore the data by filtering for specific situations or drilling-down into different levels such as departments or workstations.

Export to CSV/Excel

Select and export report data for further analysis in Excel, or other data warehousing, reporting or analytics tools you already use.


Receive weekly updates on a critical department

Access an operational-KPI report on your workstation computer or mobile device every Friday. Filter data to focus on a specific department that you want to keep track of. Use this new level of transparency to monitor this critical department and identify potential action-items. Discuss the situation in your team with everyone sharing the same objective data-driven understanding.

Easily prepare daily shop-floor management rounds

Leverage the pre-built reports for preparing daily shop-floor rounds at different levels of detail. Easily generate and print performance and quality sheets, aggregated over the whole factory or filtered by department. Use these reports as an objective basis for discussion, whilst also eliminating non-value-adding and error prone data collection and preparation overheads.

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