Actyx SM55/SM65/SM75 Smart Monitor

55″, 65″ or 75″ format, wall-mountable and engineered for 24/7 usage.
Based on the NEC TF3883.

Engineered for 24/7 usage

The SM55/SM65/SM75 smart monitors are engineered for continuous 24/7 usage. Rest assured that your visualisations will always be visible and up-to-date.

Built-in application PC

Reliably run demanding Actyx application on the build-in display PC. Visualise real-time data for continuous visual management and communication.

Simple mount-and-run

The SM55/SM65/SM75 smart monitors are provided to you ready for mounting. Actyx applications are installed and started on the fly as necessary.


Tech Specs

  • 55″, 65″ or 75″ display format
  • Full HD resolution
  • AMVA3 display panels
  • 802.11 a/b/g/n WLAN

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Wall Mount

Display Feet

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