Actyx SM55/SM65/SM75 Smart Monitor

55″, 65″ or 75″ format, wall-mountable and engineered for 24/7 usage.
Based on the NEC TF3883.

Engineered for 24/7 usage

The SM55/SM65/SM75 smart monitors are engineered for continuous 24/7 usage. Rest assured that your visualisations will always be visible and up-to-date.

Built-in application PC

Reliably run demanding Actyx application on the build-in display PC. Visualise real-time data for continuous visual management and communication.

Simple mount-and-run

The SM55/SM65/SM75 smart monitors are provided to you ready for mounting. Actyx applications are installed and started on the fly as necessary.

This app is not released yet and still in development phase.

Apply as development partner for the product release in Q3 2019 and profit from exclusive benefits!


Tech Specs

  • 55″, 65″ or 75″ display format
  • Full HD resolution
  • AMVA3 display panels
  • 802.11 a/b/g/n WLAN

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Wall Mount

Display Feet

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