Actyx Step-by-Step Instructions

Guide your workers through complex processes and SOPs.


Step-by-Step Instructions is an application that facilitates the execution of complex SOPs. Interactively guide your workers through complex setups or assemblies. Further enhance instructions and continuously train your people with attached images or videos.


Effective employee training

Your workers are intuitively supported and continuously learning about new or improved ways of completing complex tasks.

Increased process flexibility

Implement change at the click of a button. This allows you to increase your flexibility, both for in terms of new processes and through continuous improvement.

Reduction of quality issues

Help your people accurately execute highly complex processes and perform rarely seen tasks. This results in process security and a reduction of quality issues.

Interested in running Actyx Step-by-Step Instructions in your operations?


Runs on workstation terminals

Simply install the application on any Actyx workstation terminal and enable interactive assistance through complex SOPs at the workstation.

Sequentially run though steps

Let the application guide you through the sequence of steps necessary to complete your task and help you focus on exactly that.

Consume multimedia files

Easily access up-to-date PDF documents, 3D models, images or videos specifically attached to each step.

Instant import from your file server

Store and manage your step-by-step instructions on your existing file server in a standardized folder structure.

Create and update using Microsoft Word

Create and continuously update your step-by-step instructions using a tool you already know: Microsoft Word.


Facilitate flexible but accurate machine setups

With intuitive, interactive instructions by their side, your workers can accurately setup industrial machinery. Tools are quickly changed and machine programs easily uploaded. Your most experienced people are freed from continuous fire-fighting and can focus on continuous improvement and training. Your entire operation runs smoothly and flexibly.

Reduce quality errors in a complex assembly

You have identified that a specific assembly process keeps resulting in quality errors. Using Microsoft Word, you break it into a sequence of steps. You attach dedicated video instructions to the most error-prone ones. Once stored on your file server, these instructions are immediately available to your workers. They are now intuitively guided and errors avoided.

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