Actyx Visual Management Dashboards

Communicate intuitively and accurately to keep everyone on the same page.


Visual Management Dashboards is an application for real-time visual communication of process or asset statuses and performance metrics. Keep everyone in the loop about what is going on where, and notice and react to potential issues quickly or even ahead of time.


Improve operational efficiency

Track performance and output data to continuously identify and fight bottlenecks, and achieve high asset utilization (OEE).

Reliably deliver on-time

Avoid surprises by quickly noticing target/actuals deviations. React accordingly to ensure great customer service through on-time deliveries.

Facilitate collaboration

Provide everyone with a consistent and easily accessible real-time overview. This facilitates team discussions and collaborative action.

Interested in running Actyx Visual Management Dashboards in your operations?


Real-time data push

Have data collected or generated by other Actyx applications pushed to appealing and intuitive large-screen dashboards in real-time.

Visualize production status

Display the built-in Andon boards on large screens in your work areas to provide workers and managers with operational transparency.

Evaluate performance

Identify bottlenecks and issues by easily evaluating built-in KPIs such as OEE, first-pass yield, scrap ratios and more.

Easily track orders

Stay on top of things with real-time display of current orders and progress. Easily identify target/actuals discrepancies.


Fight an expensive bottleneck as a team

Give a department a simple real-time visualization of a bottleneck workstation’s current status. This will allow your entire team to continuously monitor that bottleneck. If the process is interrupted, the whole team can jump into action to quickly find solutions that will bring the workstation back up and production running smoothly.

Track the impact of a scrap reduction initiative

Evaluate and continuously fine-tune a scrap reduction initiative through weekly meetings. Put an appealing visualization of aggregated or workstation-specific scrap data at the center of these meetings. This fosters an objective discussion and allows you to not only identify what is working, but also what is not and might have to be changed.

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