Solutions for 360° Transparency

Want to understand better what is going on? Actyx can help.


Managing and organizing people, equipment and materials is challenging. Real-time 360° transparency is a key ingredient for dealing with this complexity. It allows you to understand exactly what is happening and helps you effectively make accurate decisions.


Combine the Actyx Manual Work Logging and Actyx Machine Data Collection applications to acquire real-time data. Access and visualize it with the Actyx Visual Management or Actyx Reporting & Analytics applications.

Manual Work Logging

Understand exactly what your people are doing when they are doing it.

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Machine Data Collection

Collect machine data to track performance and develop insights.

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Reporting & Analytics

Dive deep into your operational data to develop actionable insights.

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Interested in achieving 360° Transparency?


For the worker

Know if you are progressing as planned to better juggle priorities, identify possible challenges and preemptively ask for help.

For the manager

Keep track of department-level or company-wide operations to identify bottlenecks and focus immediate support resources.

For the CEO/CFO

Understand easily and quickly if you are on track to meet customer obligations or might break through budgetary constraints.

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