Solutions for Identifying Bottlenecks

Actyx can help you identify bottlenecks to increase OEE and reduce lead times.


Every complex system will feature bottleneck machines or workstations. Only when you know where your bottlenecks are can you fight them, however. That is the key to increasing OEE, delivering on time and reducing lead times.


Leverage the Actyx Manual Work Logging or Actyx Machine Data Collection applications to track progress and performance. Visualize this in real-time with the Actyx Visual Management Dashboards application to allow yourself and your team to quickly see when and where things might be piling up.

Manual Work Logging

Understand exactly what your people are doing when they are doing it.

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Machine Data Collection

Collect machine data to track performance and develop insights.

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Visual Management Dashboards

Communicate intuitively and accurately to keep everyone on the same page.

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Interested in easily identifying your bottlenecks?


For the worker

Avoid high-stress situations by planning ahead and prioritizing well. Increase consistency of work and output.

For the manager

Know where to focus your short-term attention to and your long-term continuous improvement initiatives on.

For the CEO/CFO

Reduce the risk of late deliveries or claims caused by shortcuts taken under pressure. Avoid expensive, avoidable overtime.

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