Solutions for Improving Quality

You want to reduce waste and eliminate customer claims? Actyx can help.


Efficiently producing high-quality goods is the primary goal of any manufacturing enterprise. Increasing product complexity, advanced processes and a shortage of qualified personnel make this increasingly challenging though.


Leverage the Actyx Step-by-Step Instructions application to avoid mistakes in complex processes. Productively and accurately identify quality problems with the Actyx Digital Quality Inspections application. Leverage generated data to identify root-causes and improvement opportunities with the Actyx Reporting and Analytics application.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Interactively guide employees through complex SOPs.

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Digital Quality Inspections

Accurately and effectively inspect. Acquire valuable quality data.

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Reporting & Analytics

Dive deep into your operational data to develop actionable insights.

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Interested in improving quality in your operations?


For the worker

Profit from helpful guidance when performing challenging tasks and be confident in the work you are doing.

For the manager

Rest assured that no low-quality parts will leave your department or factory and leverage accurate data to continuously improve.

For the CEO/CFO

Further expand your reputation for efficient high-quality manufacturing and avoid costly customer claims.

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Step into the digital era. Risk-free. With the Actyx All-Inclusive Package.

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