Actyx for Metal Manufacturing

Whether you are a supplier of metal components or sell your own products, Actyx can help.


Profitably manufacturing metal components in high quality requires an efficient organization and execution of diverse operations. Machines must be flexibly and rapidly set up, quality issues detected and mitigated early and employees and assets allocated effectively.


Leverage Actyx Manual Work Logging to increase transparency whilst reducing administrative overheads. Improve team- and department-level collaboration through visual management. Improve quality through effective and accurate inspections with Actyx Digital Quality Inspections.

Solution design for metal manufacturing

Manual Work Logging

Understand exactly what your people are doing when they are doing it.

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Digital Quality Inspections

Efficiently perform and log quality inspections.

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Visual Management Dashboards

Communicate intuitively and accurately to keep everyone on the same page.

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For the worker

Avoid non-value-adding administrative overheads and reduce complexity and stress throughout complex inspections.

For the manager

Organize people and assets effectively with 360° transparency whilst profiting from consistently high quality.

For the CEO/CFO

Leverage quality and on-time deliveries as competitive advantages and analyse resource investments to reduce costs.

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Step into the digital era. Risk-free. With the Actyx All-Inclusive Package.

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