Solutions for Supporting Temporary Workers

Want to make your temporary workers more productive? Actyx can help.


Bringing your temporary workers up to speed is key to truly leveraging their expertise and effectively meeting volatile customer demand. This is challenging in light of increasing product complexity and customers demanding higher and higher quality.


Guide your temporary workers through complex processes with the Actyx Step-by-Step Instructions application. Provide them with necessary documents and multi-media training materials using the Actyx Digital Workbook application. Know when to act with the Actyx Visual Management Dashboards application.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Interactively guide your workers through complex SOPs.

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Digital Workbook

Easily access up-to-date documents or media such as videos.

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Visual Management Dashboards

Communicate intuitively and accurately to keep everyone on the same page.

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Interested in supporting your temporary workers?


For the worker

Feel enabled to be productive at all times. Continuously learn and improve yourself with good training material.

For the manager

Confidently leverage a temporary workforce, knowing that things will working according to plan without continuous fire-fighting.

For the CEO/CFO

Deliver great customer service by being flexible for your customers. Do this based on an ability to increase your production capacity as required.

Only pay after successful installation!

Step into the digital era. Risk-free. With the Actyx All-Inclusive Package.

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