Solutions for Up-to-Date Documents

Do you often change your production documentation and want to keep things up-to-date? Actyx can help.


Making sure that everyone is working on the same basis of knowledge is key for ensuring high quality and good coordination. Keeping hundreds or thousands of documents up-to-date can however be challenging.


Ensure everyone is working on the latest information by providing your workers with access to the latest documents stored on your file server with the Actyx Digital Workbook application. Extend this solution with the Actyx Step-by-Step Instructions application to provide you workers with image- or video-based guidance through SOPs.

Digital Workbook

Easily access up-to-date technical documents and media files.

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Step-by-Step Instructions

Interactively guide employees through complex SOPs with media files.

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Interested in keeping all technical information up-to-date?


For the worker

Eliminate time wasted following outdated procedures and ensure your are continuously learning to execute improved processes.

For the manager

Know that your people always have the latest and most accurate information at hand and are thus working as productively as possible.

For the CEO/CFO

Leverage real-time operational change management to acquire new customers demanding flexibility or profit for effective temporary workers.


Frankfurt Local Transit Authority

The maintenance of complex technical systems such as trams and subway cars requires a lot of documentation. Ensuring everybody is working on the latest revisions and thus following the most up-to-date SOPs is challenging in an environment with hundreds of people working in parallel.

The Frankfurt Local Transit Authority is now leveraging an Actyx solution to keep all documents up-to-date and is efficiently keeping the city running.

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