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Actyx helps factories, workers, managers, CEOs and company owners find answers and improve performance through end-to-end factory digitization with apps (production & logistics / collaboration & analytics) and integrations (business software / machines). Actyx solutions improve worker efficiency, optimize processes, provide managerial overviews and alert systems that enable a real-time 360° view of production. In addition to user-friendly and reliable products, Actyx stands out with its all-inclusive package: full service over the entire life cycle of the system, installation in 8 weeks and a transparent annual fee (only after successful installation).

The potential of factory software, hardware, integrations and IIoT

Actyx offers a wide arrangement of applications which are used in combination with one another to create the Actyx solutions. Some examples of these applications are the Machine Data Collection, Reporting and Analytics and Digital Workbook applications which are targeted to increase transparency and efficiency on the factory floor. These applications are just a small part of the total Actyx application portfolio which boost machine and worker efficiency while allowing management to track and analyze precisely what is going on within the factory.

In order to accurately collect and and utilize data from the internal workings of the factory, Actyx offers software integrations with a variety of machine integration protocols. Some examples of existing Actyx machine integrations utilize protocols such as OPC UA, EUROMAP 63 and MTConnect. The integrations are operated on Actyx hardware such as the Actyx X10 Industrial Gateway which supports multiple protocols and can be mounted on a DIN-rail fitting perfectly within a industrial control cabinet.

To make the best use out of the data and to reduce IT-complexity by an order of magnitude, Actyx has enabled integrations with a majority of major manufacturing ERP softwares such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and ProAlpha. This is accomplished through the Actyx Ada platform which communicates between external software and Actyx applications providing real-time data streaming and unparalleled data consistency between the two systems. Actyx applications can also be integrated with other applications such as Microsoft File Server and Power BI ensuring previous IT capabilities are kept relevant and improved with the additional capabilities and data quality.

A new paradigm for factory software: the Actyx All-Inclusive Package

To further remove the complexity in conducting IT projects, Actyx offers the All-Inclusive Package which provides a new quality of service for factory software from Day-1. Our 3-step approach consists of the concept, installation and operation phase which has been fine-tuned to take a matter of weeks rather than months or years as usual IT projects do.

Actyx offers factories an in-depth analysis and a solution design which is tailored towards the identified business needs. Actyx then manages on-site installation, employee training and system integrations so that the solution is installed in weeks, not months, all-inclusive and without the usual IT headaches which plague these types of projects. The technical aspects of a solution come fully operated, which ensures that applications, integrations and devices are running 24×7. This allows carefree Industry 4.0, so that factories can focus on manufacturing and selling great products.

All-Inclusive Package offering; Free consulting, no customization, Installed and running in 8 weeks, transparent subscription price, you only pay once its installed and running, fully-managed software & hardware

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The architecture that enables a new era of operating software solutions

All of our solutions are hosted on the hybrid edge/cloud Actyx Ada Platform. Actyx Ada is built from the ground up, to eliminate the traditional IT complexity of operating software solutions, while improving reliability, performance and security. This allows seamless transition between the factory floor and the cloud for our applications while ensuring that sensitive data and mission-critical applications are kept secure and always running on the local networks.

Profiting from the Edge-runtime, the hybrid structure still leverages all benefits from the cloud. This enables a continuous delivery pipeline for application updates and administering security patches, but also health monitoring and fleet management for hardware devices. This way system components run reliably, securely and performing at all times.

Actyx Ada Architecture

Learn about actyx ada

Leveraging AWS to manage the Edge-runtime of the Industrial Application Platform

To build this powerful platform, Actyx leverages best-in-class technologies across the whole stack. Actyx works closely with Amazon Web Services (AWS) for Edge/Cloud, Cloud and DevOps components to enable the industry-unique service approach with the All-Inclusive Package, and has joined the ranks of their Advanced Partner Network.

AWS is utilized as an integral part of the Actyx Ada Platform using a variety of services such as delivering rapid deployments and remotely monitor all Actyx solutions include hard- and software, as well as integrations. The high reliability in physical and network security provided by AWS allows Actyx to focus on application and platform functionalities.

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