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The Customer – efficiency in production, filling and packaging of chemical technical products

CTA GmbH, founded in 1899, is currently part of the Tubex Group which still holds a position as one of the world’s largest tube manufacturers today. CTA has geared its core manufacturing capabilities to development, production, filling and packaging of chemical technical products in liquid to highly paste-like form. CTA has been committed to focus on their core business which has led to reduced costs and levels of efficiency. This has only been achieved through rigorous practice, innovation and investing into their highly skilled employees.

The focus on efficiency and growth as part of their culture naturally leads CTA to keep exploring and innovating to improve these aspects in their production process. With the new interest in Industry 4.0 and the potential benefits which come through it, CTA has collaborated with Actyx to bring their factory into the digital era.

The Problem – achieving internal Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) standards

As customer demands increased in terms of process times and lot sizes, CTA found that achieving the high internal Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) standards and delivery reliability required exceedingly accurate material and warehouse management. In addition, the transportation and handling of dangerous goods across two different production sites provided logistical challenges, that needed to be addressed.

Rapid growth in the past years has put a level of strain on CTA’s ERP-centered material management systems and processes. In order to continue their reliable delivery schedule and high customer satisfaction, a new and improved approach to material management was needed.

The Actyx Solution – a holistic material management system

Realizing the need for this improved material management approach, Actyx proposed to utilize the Material Movement Logging and Material Labelling applications in order to provide the necessary reliability. By using a combination of DataMatrix labels with ergonomic long-range scanners, logistics employees would be able to accurately and easily log the movement of materials.

With their current ERP and strong IT-capabilities, CTA required improvements in their logistics systems, which would have no added complexity. To facilitate this, Actyx ensured no data redundancy by maintaining the single source-of-truth as the ERP itself and using the Actyx applications to communicate real-time via buffered read/write interfaces with the existing infrastructure.

Actyx solutions are operated on the Actyx Ada Platform to ensure high security and availability on the edge. While mission critical and sensitive Ada components run on the edge, AWS cloud services are used to deploy and remotely monitor Actyx applications, integrations and devices.

Actyx combined state-of-the-art hardware and software technology such as AWS to help the customer increase productivity, transparency and accuracy in material movement and management processes.

Results and Outcomes – maximal reliability with minimum effort

With the DataMatrix labels and ergonomic long-range scanners in place, an improvement of the material management system was realized. Employees can now keep track of material movement with minimum effort and maximal reliability. In addition, user acceptance was enhanced and installation times were reduced through a bespoke user-experience, all without any added IT-complexity.

CTA remains committed to improvement and efficiency in their processes. The steps taken towards digital manufacturing processes with Actyx places CTA at the forefront of their industry.

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