ODBC integration with Power BI

How do I get my data from the machine into Power BI?

With the X10 Industrial Gateway or Actyx VM you can easily interface with your existing SQL servers through the Actyx ODBC integration. The data can be processed real time in the Actyx Ada architecture and played into Power BI through the Power BI interface. Power BI can then be used cross-device on your mobile phone, your shopfloor dashboard or at your office. This gives you easy access to data, push notifications and reports using data such as counters, quality inspection results and external systems sensor readings.

Why? This flow of information can be used to increase OEE, identify bottlenecks or reduce downtime.

How does data translation with ODBC work?

Data from existing SQL servers is integrated into the Actyx Ada Architecture through the Actyx Industrial Gateway, which is based on the Hilscher netPI. Data translation from the SQL data scheme can be configured via the graphical configuration interface. This enables the data to be utilized throughout the shopfloor and in the digital environment of your manufacturing process. The gateway also supports further integrations with glass manufacturing machines through protocols such as OPC UA, OPC DA (classic) or Flex IS.

Easily extract data:

  • Plug & Play, no installation
  • Fully managed, no need for your IT to operate it
  • Glass manufacturing Industry best practices, no risks

Rely on Microsoft’s leading Business Intelligence tool: Power BI

Our integration with Power BI allows you to use Microsoft’s leading BI software to access live or historical data about batch plants, melting furnaces, counters and QA machines extracted from your existing databases. This enables ad-hoc analyses on the shopfloor or on the move, so that you can maintain an overview of the entire process. It also provides the basis for the Actyx reporting & analytics application for enhanced reporting of daily line output/metrics, OEE, job changes and weekly outputs.

Utilize historical data to develop increased efficiency and flexibility

Learn about long-term trends through utilization of historical data residing in your existing databases. Leveraging this data can identify long term trends and existing practices that may be hindering OEE and production times. By providing the insights gained through historical data and the Actyx applications, managers and factory personnel can adjust ineffective processes resulting in bottleneck identification, reduced downtime and improvements in quality.

Factory Software Made Simple

Extracting and analyzing data in Power BI comes with a new kind of service provided by Actyx that eliminates the traditional problems of IT projects. Consulting is included and you only pay once the solution is up and running. All software and hardware components are installed in less than 8 weeks and completely operated by Actyx, with 100% cost control. Learn more about the Actyx All-Inclusive Package.

Extend at the click of a button: send machine data into your ERP or to mobile worker terminals

If you use SQL databases to collect your manufacturing process information, you have many options for leveraging it. To avoid the creation of parallel systems, with Actyx the collected data can be easily played through ERP interfaces or the existing database to maintain your source of truth. The combination of historic data provided through the ODBC integration with other Actyx applications provides and easy way to add further value allowing context-sensitive worker assistance, intelligent quality inspections or real-time data communication to become even more useful tools. In this case, the Reporting & Analytics application can be leveraged to provide insights into the production process; increasing OEE, reducing machine downtime and identifying bottlenecks.

Data and transparency only become useful if they are leveraged through deriving, formulating and measuring operational initiatives to add value.

Let us discuss your ODBC/Power BI Business Case together!

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